A process of surface preparation, renovation and recoating using high specification nano-quartz renders and paints will provide a long term, self-cleaning solution and bring the building back to life. There is even the opportunity to bring new and bolder colours into the mix and completely change the aesthetics of the building.

Older projects outside of their original warranty may be looking tired or cracked. Once the surface of the render fails, it is only a matter of time before delamination begins to occur. The cyclical freeze/thaw process can blow render in just a very short period of time with the potential for water ingress and internal damage.

Many early render projects may have been installed using a cheaper, less high spec acrylic top coat which had very little in the way of fungicide in its composition and now, buildings are showing signs of moss & algae growth. This is also true of inner city areas where higher pollutants in the atmosphere may have shown as discoloration to the building exterior.

Failed render and insulated render systems can be extremely hazardous environments due to the high risk of delamination. Early intervention is essential in protecting not just the public, but the integrity of the building too.